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  • All About Fall

    All About Fall

    It’s time to go apple-picking! Our famous Fall candle scent is now available in a From Scratch Soap! Made with our most popular soap recipe, the shea butter is ready to help you moisturize! Shea butter is in a lot of our products, including most of our From Scratch soaps, our Body Butter (coming back in October!), the Lotion Bars,…

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  • Seasonal Candle Scents

    Seasonal Candle Scents

    Our seasonal HD Soap Candles are slowly making their return! Now that we are making our own candles, we have so much flexibility in terms of scent creation and have been having so much fun experimenting with new scents! However, we know that many of you have been missing the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer candles that we used to sell. The…

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