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  • All About Fall

    All About Fall

    It’s time to go apple-picking! Our famous Fall candle scent is now available in a From Scratch Soap! Made with our most popular soap recipe, the shea butter is ready to help you moisturize! Shea butter is in a lot of our products, including most of our From Scratch soaps, our Body Butter (coming back in October!), the Lotion Bars,…

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  • Spotlight: From Scratch Shaving Soap

    Spotlight: From Scratch Shaving Soap

    Do you have sensitive skin? Do you get razor burn? Do you hate shaving so frequently? If so, our From Scratch Shaving Soap might be your answer! Why should you try it? • Great for both men and women • Very moisturizing • Cuts down on razor burn • Fewer ingrown hairs • Enjoy it scent-free or in the…

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  • Why We Love Annatto Seed Powder

    Why We Love Annatto Seed Powder

    Annatto seed powder is more than just a natural food dye; it is also excellent for your skin, which is why we included it in our Fire Soap and Sunflower Soap!  While this orangish-red food coloring is popular in meats, butter, and cheeses, it is also commonly found in skin products, including soap. Some companies use it for the color, but…

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  • From Scratch Sunflower Soap is Back!

    From Scratch Sunflower Soap is Back!

    Did you see that we re-released our Sunflower From Scratch Soap made with Sunflower Oil? The use of sunflower oil dates back to as early as 3,000 BC and was originally used to treat snake bites, in addition to skin and hair applications. It is still a great ingredient today, as it is high in vitamins A, C,…

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  • Spotlight: Pine Tar

    Spotlight: Pine Tar

    Did you notice our brand new Pine Tar From Scratch Soap? I bet you wondered, “What is this sticky new ingredient? Tell me more!” Pine tar has been used for over 2000 years. When pine wood is rapidly decomposed by applying heat and pressure, the two products left behind are charcoal and pine tar. Pine tar has a long history…

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  • Spotlight: I.P.A. Beer From Scratch Soap

    Spotlight: I.P.A. Beer From Scratch Soap

    A classic is reborn! This month we released our From Scratch I.P.A. Beer Soap. This is a combination of two customer favorites, and we are very excited to release it! Our From Scratch Beer Soap was first released in 2016 and immediately customers were loving it. The I.P.A. Beer Soap takes the original and amps…

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  • Perfect Soaps For Men

    Perfect Soaps For Men

    These three From Scratch Soaps are a few of our favorite soaps for men! These make excellent stocking stuffers! BLACK CHERRY SUEDE Black Cherry Suede From Scratch Soap has a little bit of grit. The creamy tan-colored part of the soap contains a mix of pumice powder that provides a fine exfoliation. The brown part of…

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  • Spotlight: Bergamot Bar

    Spotlight: Bergamot Bar

    The amazing From Scratch Bergamot Bar joined our line of From Scratch Soap in 2018, and there are so many reasons why we love this soap! Coconut oil and olive oil have amazing benefits for your skin. Coconut oil soothes, repairs, and nourishes the skin with plenty of moisturizing power. Olive oil is an antioxidant,…

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  • HD’s Top Five: From Scratch Soap

    HD’s Top Five: From Scratch Soap

    We thought it would be fun to do a series on the top five products that people are buying this year! It is always interesting to see how our classic HD Soap products compare to our new releases! Follow along with these next few blog posts to see if your favorite products rank in the…

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  • Spotlight: From Scratch Llama Soap

    Spotlight: From Scratch Llama Soap

    A little time travel is necessary for this soap! Back in January 2020, Christine had her very first soapmaking experience where she let viewers watching help choose the ingredients! They chose the oils, the scent, and even the colors. The result was the new Llama From Scratch Soap that was re-released this last month and has been a huge…

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