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  • Spotlight: Goat’s Milk Honey & Oats From Scratch Soap

    Spotlight: Goat’s Milk Honey & Oats From Scratch Soap

    Today’s blog comes straight from Christine! Read on for her thoughts about one of our most versatile From Scratch soaps. The other day, a customer came in for a product that would help with her dry and itchy skin. Immediately I turned to our From Scratch Goat’s Milk Honey and Oats Soap! I started by sharing…

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  • Unicorns and Superheroes!

    Unicorns and Superheroes!

    Fun for kids (and kids at heart), our Unicorn and Superhero From Scratch Soaps are always a big hit. The glycerin versions of these soaps make bathtime great fun with fantastic fruit smells. Our neon Unicorn Square Bar smells like a yummy jackfruit and kiwi tropical scent; this flavor combination smells like a bowl of mango, pineapple, kiwi, orange, and guava. The…

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  • Spotlight: From Scratch Salt Soap

    Spotlight: From Scratch Salt Soap

    How much do you know about our From Scratch Salt Soap?! In February we released our From Scratch Salt Soap. This product was based on a suggestion from a customer. She had a favorite bar of soap that a large national brand had discontinued. Christine found the ingredient list online and developed a new recipe! We’re no strangers…

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  • Sad To Say Goodbye

    Sad To Say Goodbye

    As we make room for our summer products, it is time to say goodbye to some of your favorites! Here are the products that are only available while supplies last for the remainder of the year: Semi-retirement for Morning Mix and Purify: we know it is incredibly sad to see two of our exclusive blends go away for…

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  • Spotlight: Charvocado From Scratch Soap

    Spotlight: Charvocado From Scratch Soap

    Charvocado is a “soap marriage” between two of our best soaps; the result is half detoxifying and half moisturizing! When you pick up a bar of Charvocado From Scratch Soap, you will receive the benefits that come with using our Activated Charcoal From Scratch Soap. This soap provides excellent cleansing; it also detoxifies and absorbs excess oil. Customers…

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  • Ingredient Spotlight: Beet Powder

    Ingredient Spotlight: Beet Powder

    Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of beet powder! In addition to lots of vitamins and minerals, one of the major components of beets is lycopene, which gives this powder its gorgeous red color and is full of antioxidants! Because of this, beet powder can actually tighten your skin while also improving your…

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  • Spotlight: New & Improved Tiger Soap

    Spotlight: New & Improved Tiger Soap

    Who else remembers when the Tiger Soap launched two years ago?! This fun soap is one we made in our Life of a Soapmaker group on Facebook! It was a huge hit, however the soap was very high in almond oil; the addition of cinnamon essential would cause the fats to seize. Two out of…

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  • February New Releases

    February New Releases

    This month we have a slew of new products: three new soaps and a new mask! First up is the brand new From Scratch Salt Soap. This was built from a customer’s suggestion; a large, national brand had discontinued a similar soap. Christine found the ingredient list online and developed a new recipe! from a…

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  • Spotlight: From Scratch Soap For Men

    Spotlight: From Scratch Soap For Men

    Did you know that we have From Scratch Soap for men? We listened to what guys wanted – clearer packaging (including color and font) and larger bars of soap. We didn’t just make the soaps a little bit bigger; we literally doubled their size! Now for the same price per ounce, you can enjoy a…

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  • Spotlight: Mica

    Spotlight: Mica

    What is mica, and why are we using it? Mica (according to Brittanica, if you are into encyclopedias) is “any of a group of hydrous potassium, aluminum silicate minerals. It is a type of phyllosilicate, exhibiting a two-dimensional sheet or layer structure. Among the principal rock-forming minerals, micas are found in all three major rock…

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