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  • Seasonal Soap: Millionaire’s

    Seasonal Soap: Millionaire’s

    One of our favorite seasonal soaps is back! The Millionaire’s From Scratch Soap is based off of a Millionaire’s cookie recipe that Christine loved to make. It is packed full of amazing ingredients that are great for your skin. This seasonal soap (which will be available through December!) is an unmatched source of moisture thanks…

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  • Spotlight: Seaweed Soap

    Spotlight: Seaweed Soap

    The Seaweed From Scratch Soap debuted last fall and everyone raved about it, so of course we had to bring it back for this year’s summer soap lineup! We have already discussed most of this soap’s ingredients on our blog, like shea butter, almond oil, goat’s milk, and olive oil. These ingredients provide the needed…

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  • Spotlight: Marshmallow Root

    Spotlight: Marshmallow Root

    We have a new ingredient here at HD Soap: marshmallow root! And no, it is not the sugary treat that we share around a campfire. Marshmallow root is a plant found in Europe, Western Asia, and Northern Africa that has been used for thousands of years in the herbal medicine world (ancient Greeks, Indians, Egyptians,…

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  • February New Releases

    February New Releases

    Toner helps you remove environmental impurities on your skin; it can also help balance the oil on your skin while adding moisture and minimizing the appearance of pores. Our new Cleansing Toner (both with lavender and unscented) can help with all of that!  FAQ: What is your toner routine? In the morning, Christine uses Orange…

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  • Ingredient Spotlight: Coffee

    Ingredient Spotlight: Coffee

    Here at HD Soap, we don’t only use coffee in our products because it smells good; we use it because it is good for your skin, too!  The most popular quality about coffee grounds is their ability to exfoliate your skin. Exfoliation is important for healthy-looking skin. It helps unclog pores and remove dead skin…

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  • Spotlight: Coconut Oil From Scratch Soap

    Spotlight: Coconut Oil From Scratch Soap

    Coconut Oil From Scratch Soap is a classic, simple favorite that we think everyone needs in their house! This is the most basic soap we make; it literally only contains coconut oil, water, and lye. But basic doesn’t mean it isn’t packed full of benefits! With its high coconut oil content, this soap has a rich,…

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  • Spotlight: From Scratch CBD Soap

    Spotlight: From Scratch CBD Soap

    Let’s chat about our CBD From Scratch Soap and why you want this amazing product in your skincare routine! As we talked about in our CBD bath products blog post, quality, purity, and potency matters when it comes to CBD oil, which is why we were excited to find Joy Organics. Their CBD oil contains…

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  • Spotlight: Peppermint From Scratch Soap

    Spotlight: Peppermint From Scratch Soap

    Do you have dry skin but still struggle with breakouts? It can be very difficult to find skincare products that help clear away blemishes without causing more dry skin. Use Peppermint From Scratch Soap to get the cleansing you need without causing excess dryness! This soap contains white kaolin clay, which is also known as China clay.…

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  • Black Friday Came Early!

    Black Friday Came Early!

    We have a huge lineup of some amazing products, both new and returning; there is truly something for EVERYONE! BEET LIP BALM – $4 This customer favorite is back while supplies last! Enjoy a little hint of color with this natural lip balm that creates a lovely, subtle tint and gloss! Plus, get ready for…

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  • Spotlight: Millionaire’s From Scratch Soap

    Spotlight: Millionaire’s From Scratch Soap

    Millionaire’s From Scratch Soap is back for the season; fight dry skin with this moisturizing powerhouse! This seasonal soap is an unmatched source of moisture thanks to THREE different types of butters! In addition to the cocoa, mango, and shea butters, this soap also contains olive, coconut, and almond oils. These are all powerful moisturizers…

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