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  • Spotlight on Lotion Bars

    Spotlight on Lotion Bars

    The HD Soap Lotion Bar is a solid lotion made of natural ingredients. Our lotion bars are free from the potentially hazardous chemicals found in commercial lotion products. The HD Soap Lotion Bar can help with dry skin, flaky skin, red skin, painful skin irritations, allergies, sunburns, or itchy skin. Moisturizing is one of the most important…

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  • Armonia Facial Cream

    Armonia Facial Cream

    If you have not tried our Armonia Facial Cream, you need to! This smooth and luxurious cream is actually made from scratch with ZERO preservatives! In addition to an excellent facial cream, this also works as an amazing night cream to add to your routine.  This cream includes a new exclusive essential oil blend that…

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  • Spotlight: Mango Butter

    Spotlight: Mango Butter

    At HD Soap we use several different types of natural butters in our products, and one that we want to highlight today is mango butter! Mango butter is actually derived from the seeds that are inside the pits of the mango fruit. You might be surprised to learn that mango butter does not actually smell…

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  • Black Friday Came Early!

    Black Friday Came Early!

    We have a huge lineup of some amazing products, both new and returning; there is truly something for EVERYONE! BEET LIP BALM – $4 This customer favorite is back while supplies last! Enjoy a little hint of color with this natural lip balm that creates a lovely, subtle tint and gloss! Plus, get ready for…

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  • Spotlight: Tiger Soap

    Spotlight: Tiger Soap

    We have released another soap that was created with YOUR input during a recent soapmaking session at our Life of a Soapmaker group! Inspired by all the hype surrounding Tiger King on Netflix, Christine thought it would be fun to try to make a Tiger From Scratch Soap. She went live and let those watching…

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  • Spotlight: Jewelweed

    Spotlight: Jewelweed

    Jewelweed is a plant known to help relieve itching related to poison ivy – but did you know that many times it grows NEXT to poison ivy?!  This is because jewelweed and poison ivy grow in the same environments; that is, semi-shady, moist areas. You will commonly find this plant in ditches, forest edges, and…

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  • Spotlight: Lemon Essential Oil

    Spotlight: Lemon Essential Oil

    Let’s talk about the power of lemon essential oil! Many of you may already realize this, but lemon has been used for a long time as a cleaning agent. This is because citrus essential oils like lemon naturally work to fight germs.  These benefits are good for cleaning and are also helpful for your skin.…

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  • Our Favorite Products for the Perfect Facial

    Our Favorite Products for the Perfect Facial

    What products come to mind when you think of treating yourself to a facial? Enjoy these top recommendations that will truly help you put your best face forward! STEP 1: EXFOLIATE Exfoliating before cleansing helps rid your body of dead skin cells, leaving fresh, younger-looking skin that glows. We recommend only exfoliating two to three…

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  • Product Spotlight: Eye Serum

    Product Spotlight: Eye Serum

    One of our best products to fight the signs of aging is our Eye Serum!  We have talked before about the benefits of olive oil. You will be happy to know that olive oil is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, it helps fight fine lines and wrinkles, and it brightens your skin…all of which…

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  • It’s Here! Body Butters are Back!

    It’s Here! Body Butters are Back!

    Butter season is here! Keep reading to find out why our customers have been counting down to today! We have two types of body butters: Mango Shea and CocoShea (with some CocoShea butters that are made with our beeswax-free vegan formula). Last October we added the Lavender Body Butter to our lineup, and this year…

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