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  • Christine’s Top 5 Shampoo Bars

    Christine’s Top 5 Shampoo Bars

    Did you know we have great bars of soap for you hair? Here are 5 bars you might LOVE for your hair! Avocado From Scratch Soap | $7 Enriched with jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, shea butter, and real avocado, our super moisturizing Avocado From Scratch Soap is a great shampoo replacement for dry hair. Jewelweed From…

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  • HD Soap Hair Hacks

    HD Soap Hair Hacks

    When you hear “HD Soap” you might only think of products for your skin, but did you know that we also have several products for your HAIR? Check out these great hair hacks! The obvious items to consider are our Hair Serum and our Texturizing Salt Spray, so let’s start there. The Hair Serum is made with apricot oil, meadowfoam…

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  • Spotlight: Texturizing Salt Spray

    Spotlight: Texturizing Salt Spray

    One of HD’s summer “must-haves” is our Texturizing Salt Spray – keep reading to find out why! Our From Scratch Texturizing Salt Spray only has four ingredients: water, epsom salt, argan oil, and our natural, plant-based fragrance oils. Not only does this mean there are no harmful ingredients, but the ingredients we have included in…

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