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  • HD Soap Hair Hacks

    HD Soap Hair Hacks

    When you hear “HD Soap” you might only think of products for your skin, but did you know that we also have several products for your HAIR? Check out these great hair hacks! The obvious items to consider are our Hair Serum and our Texturizing Salt Spray, so let’s start there. The Hair Serum is made with apricot oil, meadowfoam…

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  • Spotlight: Texturizing Salt Spray

    Spotlight: Texturizing Salt Spray

    One of HD’s summer “must-haves” is our Texturizing Salt Spray – keep reading to find out why! Our From Scratch Texturizing Salt Spray only has four ingredients: water, epsom salt, argan oil, and our natural, plant-based fragrance oils. Not only does this mean there are no harmful ingredients, but the ingredients we have included in…

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  • Do It Yourself Dry Shampoo

    Do It Yourself Dry Shampoo

    Over the years, we have received many customer requests to create a dry shampoo. Realistically, the basic recipe to make dry shampoo is SO easy…how about we just share our tester recipe with you instead?! DIY DRY SHAMPOO 1/4 cup arrowroot powder 2 tablespoons baking soda (For darker hair, add 2 tablespoons cocoa powder) Before…

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  • New for July: HD Soap for Your Hair!

    New for July: HD Soap for Your Hair!

    Happy Friday the 13th! There are plenty of fun releases available that you won’t want to miss this month! Our first product is a new specialty square bar: meet the Mermaid Bar! This layered glycerin soap is scented with a tropical combination of coconut and citrus. (Do you remember the Caribbean Rum Punch square bar…

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  • Have You Tried HD Soap For Your Hair?

    Have You Tried HD Soap For Your Hair?

    Lots of HD Soap goodies are amazing for your hair, and you’re going to see a few more coming your way in July! Whether you want to remove chemical-laden products from your routine, minimize your impact on the environment through buying items in eco-friendly packaging, or simply limit the number of items cluttering up your…

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