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  • All About Fall

    All About Fall

    It’s time to go apple-picking! Our famous Fall candle scent is now available in a From Scratch Soap! Made with our most popular soap recipe, the shea butter is ready to help you moisturize! Shea butter is in a lot of our products, including most of our From Scratch soaps, our Body Butter (coming back in October!), the Lotion Bars,…

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  • Spotlight: From Scratch Shaving Soap

    Spotlight: From Scratch Shaving Soap

    Do you have sensitive skin? Do you get razor burn? Do you hate shaving so frequently? If so, our From Scratch Shaving Soap might be your answer! Why should you try it? • Great for both men and women • Very moisturizing • Cuts down on razor burn • Fewer ingrown hairs • Enjoy it scent-free or in the…

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  • September New Releases

    September New Releases

    New Products This Month! Brandied Pear Body Splash…..$10 Brandied Pear Candle…..$12 4oz. Brandied Pear From Scratch Soap…..$7 Brandied Pear Lip Balm…..$4 1oz. Brandied Pear Lotion Bar…..$6.50 2oz. Brandied Pear Lotion Bar…..$13 Brandied Pear Mini Bath Bomb Set…..$10 Candied Apple Lip Balm…..$4 Caramel Lip Balm…..$4 4oz. Fall From Scratch Soap…..$7 4oz. From Scratch Shaving Soap with…

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  • August New Releases

    August New Releases

    New Products This Month! Milk Bath Salts in the Exclusive Blends, Lavender, and Chamomile…..$5 Mini Bath Bomb Set in Focus…..$10 4oz. From Scratch Soap in Focus…..$7 1oz. Lotion Bar in Focus…..$6.50 2oz. Lotion Bar in Focus…..$13 2 oz. Focus From Scratch Lotion…..$7 4 oz. Focus From Scratch Lotion…..$14 Focus Whipped Pumice Scrub…..$15 Focus Essential Oil…..$25 Foaming Hand…

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  • Spotlight on Lotion Bars

    Spotlight on Lotion Bars

    The HD Soap Lotion Bar is a solid lotion made of natural ingredients. Our lotion bars are free from the potentially hazardous chemicals found in commercial lotion products. The HD Soap Lotion Bar can help with dry skin, flaky skin, red skin, painful skin irritations, allergies, sunburns, or itchy skin. Moisturizing is one of the most important…

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  • Why We Love Annatto Seed Powder

    Why We Love Annatto Seed Powder

    Annatto seed powder is more than just a natural food dye; it is also excellent for your skin, which is why we included it in our Fire Soap and Sunflower Soap!  While this orangish-red food coloring is popular in meats, butter, and cheeses, it is also commonly found in skin products, including soap. Some companies use it for the color, but…

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  • From Scratch Sunflower Soap is Back!

    From Scratch Sunflower Soap is Back!

    Did you see that we re-released our Sunflower From Scratch Soap made with Sunflower Oil? The use of sunflower oil dates back to as early as 3,000 BC and was originally used to treat snake bites, in addition to skin and hair applications. It is still a great ingredient today, as it is high in vitamins A, C,…

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  • The July BIG HD VIP BOX is Here!

    The July BIG HD VIP BOX is Here!

    Christine is here to tell you all about the brand new July BIG HD VIP Box! July’s Quarterly VIP BOX is a fun one! I LOVE the soaps in this one! We brought back three HD Soap From Scratch favorites: our Bouquet Soap, Sunflower Soap, and Fire Soap! The Bouquet is made with our classic soap recipe and really fun bright…

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  • May New Releases

    May New Releases

    Can you believe we’re over halfway through May?!Spring is here, and summer isn’t far away! This month we welcomed the floral scent of Tulip, the sweet almond flavor of Banket, and the earthy citrus notes of Lemongrass. Lemongrass has long been a customer favorite, and it has been a while since we offered Lemongrass on…

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  • Now Presenting the Quarterly Big HD VIP Box!

    Now Presenting the Quarterly Big HD VIP Box!

    Today’s blog comes from Christine and is all about our brand new Quarterly HD VIP Box! We hope you enjoy our very first QUARTERLY HD VIP BOX! It is so exciting! Here is what is inside!! There will be 3 surprise items that are great spa accessories you will love and use often! These will be exclusive to…

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