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  • Spotlight: Bath Salts

    Spotlight: Bath Salts

    Do you know why you should be using HD’s Bath Salts? First of all, epsom salt provides your body with magnesium sulfate, which is something many of us are deficient in! When this important mineral is absorbed through the skin, it draws toxins from the body, and calms you. It also reduces swelling and relaxes…

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  • Super Bowl Superstars!

    Super Bowl Superstars!

    While the Chiefs and 49ers battle it out tonight to come out on top of the National Football League, we wanted to give an HD-style shout-out for our superstar products from 2019! These are the top five items that “brought home the bacon” last year: 5. BODY BUTTERSThese creamy, rich butters are so luxurious and…

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  • New Year, New Releases!

    New Year, New Releases!

    Happy release day! We are so excited about the new products we’re going to share with you…but did you know that members of the VIP Soap Club already received some of these new products last week at a big discount?! We have a lot of exciting soaps planned for this year, and we kicked off…

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  • New for July: HD Soap for Your Hair!

    New for July: HD Soap for Your Hair!

    Happy Friday the 13th! There are plenty of fun releases available that you won’t want to miss this month! Our first product is a new specialty square bar: meet the Mermaid Bar! This layered glycerin soap is scented with a tropical combination of coconut and citrus. (Do you remember the Caribbean Rum Punch square bar…

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  • New Releases: January 2018

    New Releases: January 2018

    Happy release day! Who is ready to check out the new products for January?! First up: our HONEY KIWIGRANATE is back for January and now is the time to buy. Last year I made just over 300 bars and they SOLD OUT in one week. (We’re prepared to make three times that amount this time…

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  • Video Post: New Smelly Salt Scents!

    Video Post: New Smelly Salt Scents!

    For 2018, we’re planning to rotate our Smelly Salt scents every quarter, and we’re really excited about the new flavors that are debuting tomorrow! Ruby and Nell wanted to share their opinions on the new scents. Tell us which scent you’re most excited about!

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