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  • Bring Back My Square Bar Summer: Chamomile

    Bring Back My Square Bar Summer: Chamomile

    Welcome to our “Bring Back My Square Bar” summer! The first Square Bar we are going to spotlight is our Chamomile Square Bar! We polled our consultants and asked which soaps they missed the most from years gone by, and this was number one on the list! Made with our goat’s milk glycerin base, this soap provides…

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  • Unicorns and Superheroes!

    Unicorns and Superheroes!

    Fun for kids (and kids at heart), our Unicorn and Superhero From Scratch Soaps are always a big hit. The glycerin versions of these soaps make bathtime great fun with fantastic fruit smells. Our neon Unicorn Square Bar smells like a yummy jackfruit and kiwi tropical scent; this flavor combination smells like a bowl of mango, pineapple, kiwi, orange, and guava. The…

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  • Spotlight: Holiday Glycerin Soaps

    Spotlight: Holiday Glycerin Soaps

    Do you know why glycerin soaps are good for your skin? Glycerin pulls moisture from the air into your skin. The moisturizing aspect is frequently a favorite benefit for our customers. Keeping your skin moisturized means soft, smooth, youthful-looking skin! Also, glycerin is very gentle on sensitive skin, which we know our customers value.  Our…

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  • Spotlight: Hemp & Tea Tree Square Bar

    Spotlight: Hemp & Tea Tree Square Bar

    Our Hemp & Tea Tree Square Bar is very popular for a reason – keep reading to find out why! Christine starts with a high quality glycerin soap base, the ingredients include sorbitol, coconut oil, propylene glycol, stearic acid, water, sodium hydroxide, and glycerin. Chemicals and hot water can strip your skin of moisture and natural oils,…

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  • Spotlight: Exfoliating Products

    Spotlight: Exfoliating Products

    Exfoliation is extremely important because it removes the accumulation of dried and dead skin cells that exacerbate eczema and other skin issues. But don’t worry, here at HD Soap we have lots of great exfoliating products! Most people probably first think of scrubs – our From Scratch Salt or Sugar Scrubs, or even our Whipped…

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  • Spotlight: Square Bars

    Spotlight: Square Bars

    Did you know that the very first product sold at HD Soap was a Square Bar? Our Gardener’s Square Bar, is what started it all – and the rest of our products slowly followed over the last 7 years. Our Square Bars are made from a glycerin soap base – and what we mean by…

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  • Product Spotlight: Vanilla Goatmeal Square Bar

    Product Spotlight: Vanilla Goatmeal Square Bar

    The Vanilla Goatmeal Square Bar has been a core soap for many years! Customers enjoy the goat’s milk glycerin soap base that is enhanced with oatmeal and vanilla. Keep reading if you want to know why these ingredients are good for your skin! Goat’s milk is the closest pH to our own skin, so it…

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  • New Year, New Releases!

    New Year, New Releases!

    Happy release day! We are so excited about the new products we’re going to share with you…but did you know that members of the VIP Soap Club already received some of these new products last week at a big discount?! We have a lot of exciting soaps planned for this year, and we kicked off…

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  • November New Releases: Minter Is Here!

    November New Releases: Minter Is Here!

    Can you believe how close we are to Thanksgiving and Christmas?! This is the last batch of new releases for 2018, and we’re very excited about it. (Don’t forget, we don’t release any new products in December, so the next release day will be in January!) Mint is the name of the game for this…

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  • New Releases for October: Part One!

    New Releases for October: Part One!

    Our spotlight soap for the month is the classic Coconut & Lime Square Bar! This trusty soap has been around for several years, and we are always excited to bring it back. This is an olive oil glycerin soap to which we add coconut flakes and lime essential oil. This square bar is great for…

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