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  • Spotlight: Pumice Powder

    Spotlight: Pumice Powder

    Pumice powder is an excellent ingredient for your skin, even if you have sensitive skin! Pumice is an amazing exfoliator because of how fine it is. Exfoliating is a crucial step in skincare because it helps remove dead, dry, or flaky skin – but pumice powder performs this essential task gently. This helps your skin…

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  • Spotlight: Exfoliating Products

    Spotlight: Exfoliating Products

    Exfoliation is extremely important because it removes the accumulation of dried and dead skin cells that exacerbate eczema and other skin issues. But don’t worry, here at HD Soap we have lots of great exfoliating products! Most people probably first think of scrubs – our From Scratch Salt or Sugar Scrubs, or even our Whipped…

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  • Spotlight: Tea Tree Essential Oil

    Spotlight: Tea Tree Essential Oil

    Tea tree essential oil is a must-have to keep around the house, and our Tea Tree Oil Balm is an especially convenient way to have it handy at all times! This oil has outstanding cleansing properties and is known to help treat a variety of skin issues including blemishes, cuts, infections, and wounds. Tea tree…

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  • Spotlight: Whipped Scrubs

    Spotlight: Whipped Scrubs

    If you have never tried our Whipped Scrubs, what are you waiting for?! With the exciting release of our new Charcoal Whipped Sugar Scrub, let’s highlight why so many people have fallen in love with our Whipped Sugar Scrubs since their release! We start with a soft and fluffy soap base and add in sugar…

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  • New Releases for May: The Summer Prep Pack

    New Releases for May: The Summer Prep Pack

    After a long winter in Michigan, it’s finally starting to feel like summer! (Sorry, spring.) This month’s releases are going to help you prep for summer in all sorts of fun ways. Let’s jump in! Our limited edition soap for this month is the Chamomile Square Bar. This gentle soap combines chamomile essential oil with…

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