Testimony Tuesday!

Our second Testimony Tuesday author is Kim C., and it has to do with our Body Butters! Body Butter is a seasonal item for us at HD Soap, and their run is over halfway done! If you haven’t tried our butters yet, don’t wait!

Body butter is my favorite, and here’s why. In 2019, my youngest child fell into a fire pit while camping at just three years old. He had second- and third-degree burns on both hands and forearms, and minor burns on his legs. While it was hard for us to experience, we know his injuries could have been significantly worse. 

We endured debridements and a skin graft throughout that summer, then another skin graft  the following year to his fingers on one hand to allow him to fully use his fingers. After the initial injury, a friend of mine introduced me to Body Butter and recommended we use it for his scar massages. I used it a little bit here and there, but once we had the plastic surgery in 2020 and started doing OT with our little guy, I learned more about the importance of scar massage and therapy. I was using Body Butter regularly on his scars, and we received praise from the therapist on how well his scars were healing!

Now my active six-year-old looks forward to his nightly massage of his hands (and his back) using Body Butter. He’s slightly spoiled!

Thank you Kim! We love to hear about your success with our Body Butter! Think this product might work for you? Buy it here!

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