Testimony Tuesday!

It’s time for our third Testimony Tuesday! 

This week’s testimony comes from a customer who has had good results with our CBD Cream. This product has a great word-of-mouth following, so we were not surprised at all to see a testimony of its success in our first emails.

Julie shares with us an injury she had this past holiday season and how the CBD Cream has been so therapeutic:

“Your CBD moisturizing cream saved my knees tremendously. Just before Christmas this year I fell straight down on my knees outside. Both took the impact, but the worst was my right side. Immediately a large lump formed with an indent in it. My legs and my knees should have been all colors for ages, but the only color is on my lump/indent/scab (which I still have, but it’s reducing every day). I have only used CBD Cream because I didn’t want to get hurt. Thanks to Michele Mowat for getting me extra supplies. I use many HD products, but that is one product I don’t want to run short on!”

Our CBD Cream is THC-free and simply amazing. To purchase the cream that Julie is talking about, click this link! To learn more about our CBD Bath Products, check out this blog.

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