Testimony Tuesday!

It’s time for our fourth Testimony Tuesday! 

This week’s letter is a wonderful testimony of how our products can help with dry, itchy, red skin issues. Sara was suffering with red, itchy skin, and she reached out to her consultant Elisa to see if we had anything that might help. Here’s what Sarah has to share today!

“I was quite a bit overweight and had a low hanging belly. Underneath the folds I was getting a very bad rash that was red, inflamed, and itchy. I would shower, dry with a towel, and then apply Kaolin Clay Paste, and within a few days the rash was gone! It saved me from a doctor’s visit and the pain it caused.

Secondly, I suffered from horrible eczema on my elbows for years and years since I was a teen, and even now in my 40s. When I found HD Soap, I reached out to my awesome distributor Elisa and she recommended the Clear Your Mind Lotion Bar. I applied it religiously for months, and I am happy to say that I no longer suffer from eczema on my elbows. It cleared it right up.

And last, a testimony from my son! He suffers from daily nose bleeds, and to help control them we use Lanolin Balm on the inside of his nose, and it works to help stop the bleeds!”

Thank you Sarah for sharing how well these products have worked for you!

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