Testimony Tuesday!

Welcome to Testimony Tuesday! Our first submission is from Mellissa P. 

I actually decided to become a consultant based on the results we got from the Calendula Balm Stick for my little guy’s eczema! I was part of an online party and someone had brought up the Calendula Stick. I had done some research on it but never bought one. One day, however, my mom and I went to visit my brother in GR and happened to stumble upon HD’s storefront. It was there I talked with whoever was working, and she suggested the Calendula Stick as well, so we bought one. Now mind you, we had tried every cream prescription, and it did not help him. He had some eczema by his eye, and I didn’t want the other creams getting in his eye. We had been using the Calendula Stick daily for less than a week, and the patches by his eye and on his chin were nearly gone. Shortly after about a week of use they were all cleared up. Needless to say, we were sold and the rest is history!

Our Calendula Balm is one of Christine’s personal favorites too, Mellissa! Thank you for your submission!

For some people, one amazing product can be the final nudge that convinces them to take the plunge and become a consultant! Are you ready to go for it?! We are always looking for people to help us share the HD love!

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