The Time Is Now!

We have been on quite a ride over the last two to three years, but there are a few things that have not changed. This includes our commitment to creating quality, affordable products AND to paying our sales staff a high commission when they sell these products!

Maybe you have been a consultant in the past, or maybe you have just been thinking about joining us. No matter what, now is the best time to join our sales team!

These are just a few of the many amazing perks we have to offer our team members:

  • Low quarterly fees
  • Premade graphics and videos for consultants to use and share on their socials
  • A Facebook community group for training and weekly Zoom training calls

In our tenth year, we are still able to offer amazing handmade products at an affordable price AND if your customer’s order is over $50, it can ship directly to them for FREE! We have also improved our host rewards to include five tiers of rewards for customers, as well as FREE SHIPPING for the host, with no mini purchase required for the host.

You can join our team today! Our Consultant Kit contains over $250 in product and supplies to get you started, as well as access to Christine for training!

We have made so many great changes here at HDHQ; now is the perfect time to join our sales team. Click here to purchase your Consultant Kit today!

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