Unicorn and Superhero Lip Balms

Have you read about our amazing Lip Balm on the blog?!

We are excited to now offer the same great olive oil lip balm recipe in our beloved Unicorn and Superhero flavors! These will make fantastic gifts – for Easter baskets, stocking stuffers, and more. We added brightly colored lettering on the label to match our other Unicorn and Superhero products, and we love how cute they look!

Since you do not want to put fragrance oil on your lips, we created a combination of flavor oils to mimic the scents you already love. Unicorn is a yummy jackfruit and kiwi tropical scent; the flavor combination we created is a mix of tropical fruit favorites that taste as if you were eating a bowl of mango, pineapple, kiwi, orange, and guava. Our Superhero is a sweet mixed berry scent; we chose a mix of blueberry and acai flavors, which are very similar to blackberry.

Be prepared to fall in love with these two new Lip Balms that are here to stay. No matter your age, we know that you will enjoy either one!

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