Banish Dry Skin This Winter!

Winter is just around the corner here in Michigan, which for many people means the return of dry, itchy, and cracked skin. 

HD Soap to the rescue!

First, start with a soap that is moisturizing. Our most moisturizing soaps are our Millionaire’s From Scratch Soap and our Avocado From Scratch Soap. Both of these soaps will leave your skin hydrated while providing excellent cleansing. These are also great to have by your sinks, especially if you wash your hands frequently. If you have extra-sensitive skin, other great soaps to try are the Goat’s Milk Honey and Oats From Scratch Soap, the Shaving From Scratch Soap, and the Goat’s Milk From Scratch Soap.

The next step to making sure your skin is not dry, itchy, or cracked is to exfoliate! Exfoliation is extremely important because it cleans accumulated dried and dead skin cells that can actually exacerbate eczema and other skin issues. Our From Scratch Scrubs are a great option because they are made with coconut oil, olive oil, or a combination of both! Choose from our more aggressive salt scrubs or the finer sugar scrubs. Use just before you get out of the shower to clear your pores and leave a nice layer of moisture on your skin.

One step you definitely do not want to miss is moisturizing. And HD Soap has a lot of great options for you to choose from! We have Balms, Body Butters, and Lotion Bars

Balms are very moisturizing and absorb quickly into the skin. You may need to reapply often, but they are important if you have cracked skin that is in need of repair. Our most soothing balms are Lavender and Lanolin, Lanolin, CBD Balm, and our Beard Balm. These are great to apply frequently throughout the day.

Body Butters are very rich and luxurious, and they will leave your skin feeling super soft and smooth! We have so many great options to choose from, which you may remember for a recent blog post. We have three different “recipes” which include our CocoShea recipe, our Mango Shea recipe, and a Whipped recipe. All of these are very hydrating for your thirsty, dry, winter skin.

We recently blogged about our Lotion Bars. The texture of our Lotion Bar is much thicker than that of our Balm or Body Butter, so they tend to last longer on your skin without having to reapply as frequently. This makes them excellent for areas where it would be more difficult to apply throughout the day, such as your legs. Lotion bars are firm but will warm up with your skin, which means applying right after your shower makes it easier to smooth over your body.

Lastly, you can always treat yourself to added moisture by using a Bath Bomb or a Fizzy Salt with your next bath! You will be amazed at how soft and hydrated your skin will feel afterwards. (And then after you dry off, make sure you lock in that moisture with one of our balms, body butters, or lotion bars!)

We hope these tips will help save your skin this winter!

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