Facial Moisturizers from HD Soap!

We may not have a product that is specifically called a “facial moisturizer,” but we have several options that our customers rave about for just that purpose! Read more to find out which one might be right for you.

Orange Olive Oil Balm or Stick – This is our top-selling balm! We receive so much great feedback about this balm that you just might want to lather it all over your body. Orange blossom essential oil fights bacteria, dirt, and fungus – which is great news if you battle breakouts! This essential oil is also known to help fight the signs of aging, which is especially good for your skin.

Calendula Balm Stick – Properly hydrated skin is the key to looking younger. The extra boost of infused calendula petals will make your skin glow! This balm has amazing soothing properties and provides just the right amount of moisture. And it is very convenient to apply as it is available in a stick! This became a fast favorite from the moment it hit our shelves.

Olive Oil Balm – If you are not able to use essential oils on your face, this is the perfect option! Olive oil doesn’t clog your pores but will still leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized. This is an ideal option if you want a balm to which you can add your own essential oils.

Lanolin & Lavender Balm – This balm is great for skin that is extremely dry! Both lanolin and lavender are very calming, soothing, and help to repair skin. Plus you get loads of moisture without clogging your pores! This will also help battle blemishes while keeping your skin looking younger.

CBD Balm – This balm is made with a silky blend of coconut oil and hemp seed oil instead of olive oil. The addition of CBD oil helps fight inflammation of the skin and treats redness while also fighting breakouts. It is also amazing for sensitive skin! An added bonus is that it may help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Which of our balms would you like to try on your face?

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