February New Releases

Toner helps you remove environmental impurities on your skin; it can also help balance the oil on your skin while adding moisture and minimizing the appearance of pores. Our new Cleansing Toner (both with lavender and unscented) can help with all of that! 

FAQ: What is your toner routine? In the morning, Christine uses Orange & Olive Oil Balm to remove any leftover eye makeup, then washes her face with a mild soap (she likes any of the From Scratch Exclusive Blends). She then applies the Cleansing Toner with a cotton ball, removing any residue left behind after washing. Christine then moisturizes with the Harmony Facial Cream, waiting to apply her makeup until it has completely absorbed into her skin. She follows that up with a light spritz of Sage Toner (she loves the scent!), then applies makeup. She repeats the routine at night, swapping out her makeup for moisturizing like crazy with Eye Serum and Orange & Olive Oil Balm or Hair Serum underneath the Harmony Facial Cream. It makes her skin feel so good!

Vitamin C is great for skincare, so adding it a balm just makes sense. The smell alone is worth it! You will love the new and improved Orange & Olive Oil with Vitamin C Balm because its powerful antioxidants will help protect your skin, even skin tone, and make skin look and feel younger. (The classic Orange & Olive Oil Balm will still be available, as well!) 

Our last new product is the Marshmallow & Matcha From Scratch Soap! Elisa, an HD Soap consultant and good friend to Christine, suggested we investigate marshmallow root as a potential ingredient. Described as a “conditioner” for hair, marshmallow root makes this soap super creamy­ — perfect for moisturizing both hair and skin! Chamomile essential oil adds a light and lovely scent while also soothing dry and itchy skin (or scalps!). Cut back on the plastic bottles in your shower by adding this conditioning bar soap to your routine!

March is our birthday month, but it will be a little different this year. We have officially moved our Double Host Dollar promotion to July, but March will have amazing Double Host Extras to celebrate our birthday, plus tons of giveaways! We hope you will be interested in hosting a party; be sure to follow along on Facebook for all the fun!

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