Guest Post: Why I Sell HD Soap

Here is why one of our BRAND NEW consultants, Amy Holcomb, decided to join the HD Soap selling family!

I became a stay-at-home mom after my daughter came home from the hospital in 2016. I was only pregnant for 24 weeks and six days when I had her. She was born weighing just under two pounds. As you can imagine, we had a long hospital stay—127 days to be exact. The only thing keeping her from being released was her feeding tube, so I learned how to change it, and she got to come home! Fast forward three and a half years: after all our hard work and time with severe oral aversion, she started eating! Not enough to get rid of the feeding tube, but it was a LOT of improvement. 

I got into a different direct sales company mainly because I wanted the kit, and I wanted to start connecting with people again. I never really viewed it as a small business but as more of a hobby. Then in September I was introduced to HD Soap when my aunt had an online party. I learned about some products that could help give me relief from my psoriasis so I decided to give them a try. While I waited for my order, I started to learn more about HD Soap, their products, and all of the amazing benefits from ingredients. Once I started using the products, I fell in love! I have dealt with psoriasis for many years with no relief, but HD Soap products were helping! 

I knew then that this was the perfect fit for my family, and I wanted to start a small business selling HD Soap. I became a consultant about a month ago, and I’m so happy I did! I love supporting a small business, especially one from Michigan! The owners are wonderful, caring people who I have already had the pleasure of meeting. The support group, my soap sisters, are amazing people who are there to help and support you. 

You truly feel a part of a team with HD Soap.

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