Happy Relaxation Day!

Our calendar told us that today is Relaxation Day, and that seems like a pretty perfect holiday to celebrate with HD Soap! Take advantage of this VERY important holiday and break out your favorite HD Soap products!

Bath Bomb
What could be more relaxing than taking a bath with a deliciously fragrant HD Soap Bath Bomb?! Sit back and relax with a Lavender Bath Bomb (or maybe you prefer Balance, Clear Your Mind, Coconut, or Eucalyptus!). The olive oil is super moisturizing for your skin, and the effervescent bubbles are soothing. The bath bomb also contains epsom salt, and your body will thank for you a healthy soak.

Bath Salts & Smelly Salts
Speaking of epsom salts, have you checked out HD Soap’s Bath Salts and Smelly Salts? Give your body a boost of magnesium with an epsom salt bath! Our bath salts are dye-free, and most scents are made with essential oils. The HD Soap Smelly Salts come in a variety of fun colors and are scented with natural fragrance oils. Both products are great for helping your body truly relax!

Set a lovely ambiance for your relaxing day by burning an HD Soap Candle! Available in a selection of beautiful scents, these  are clean-burning soy candles scented with natural fragrance oils. These candles are created for us by Kalamazoo Candle Company, and we are so happy that our customers love them as much as we do. Nothing creates a relaxing mood quite like these candles!

After a nice, relaxing bath, you’ll definitely want to follow up with a light application of HD Soap Lotion. Our lotion will leave your skin feeling velvety smooth, and we have a variety of scents available to match your mood. (Our Original lotion is scent-free if you’re not a fan of scents!)

Round out a day of relaxation with the HD Soap Essential Oil Rollers. Our favorite essential oils and exclusive blends are combined with carrier oils for easy application. Maybe you need a little extra dose of Clear Your Mind or Balance on Relaxation Day!

We don’t know what we did to deserve Relaxation Day, but we think you should observe it at least once a week. 😉 Tell us, how do you like to relax with HD Soap?!

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