Ingredient Spotlight: Why We Love GOAT’S MILK!

Goat’s milk is a very common ingredient in several of our soaps – both Square Bars and From Scratch soaps. But how much do you know about the amazing benefits of this ingredient?

  1. Goat’s milk has fewer allergenic proteins and causes less inflammation.
  2. Because goat’s milk has a pH level similar to humans, it’s absorbed by the skin with less irritation; plus it helps keep bacteria at bay.
  3. Goat’s milk contains precious skin minerals like selenium and is loaded with vitamins, particularly vitamin A, the most important vitamin for the skin.
  4. As with other milks, goat’s milk contains lactic acid, which is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). The lactic acid assists with gently sloughing off dead skin cells and helping to hydrate and brighten the skin. Lactic acid also helps with blemishes!
  5. Goat’s milk is rich in essential fatty acids and triglycerides. These are good for your skin because they help create a natural oil barrier, which keeps you hydrated and looking younger.
  6. The pH of goat’s milk is not only good for your skin, but also your hair!

Here are some of our favorite soaps that contain goat’s milk:
From Scratch Goat’s Milk
From Scratch Goat’s Milk Honey and Oats
Blueberry Goatmeal Square Bar
Lavender Square Bar
Vanilla Goatmeal Square Bar
The Unicorn Bar

Let us know if you've tried any of our soaps with goat's milk!

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