Introducing Sunny Hippo!

Have you heard?! We just released a new skincare line designed by teens, for teens!

It all started when Christine’s daughters asked her to purchase products from another skincare company; Christine asked, “What gives?!” The girls said, “Your stuff is for old people and moms…not for me!”

That’s when Christine knew she had to come up with something new, something cute and young and fun! After brainstorming with HD’s graphic designer Jillian, she approached the girls with the idea that they help to design the line and play a really big part in developing it! The girls were excited to help, and the ideas started to pour out of them.

Within a few days the ideas for the products were born, and a few weeks after that, the names were chosen and marketing began! This has been a lot of fun to design for the girls, and it has been great fun to see them take ownership of this line.

We hope you will join us on our socials as the girls are helping to run those as well. You can find us on Instagram and TikTok under SunnyHippoHD!

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