New Releases for October: Part One!

Our spotlight soap for the month is the classic Coconut & Lime Square Bar! This trusty soap has been around for several years, and we are always excited to bring it back. This is an olive oil glycerin soap to which we add coconut flakes and lime essential oil. This square bar is great for light exfoliation, and the lime essential oil gives the soap a fresh kick of citrus. It’s also great for moisturizing skin, and we love that it’s also vegan! We’ve had customers purchase extra bars so that they can enjoy it all year round; if Coconut & Lime is your jam, now is the time to stock up!

October is here and you know what that means…body butters are back in season! (We only produce our butters from October through March; since we don’t use any preservatives, we aren’t able to ship body butters during the warmer months because they will melt.) We decided to release a new butter this year: say hello to the the brand new Lavender Body Butter! This new release is a vegan whipped butter made with cocoa and shea butters, coconut oil, and lavender essential oil. If you like the texture of our Sweet Cherry Body Butter, you’ll love this one too! It’s very airy and light, and the gentle lavender scent creates a calm and soothing atmosphere.

HD Soap has five other body butters available, and each are amazing in their own way:

CocoShea: features intense moisturizing that soothes skin irritations. Cocoa butter can encourage new skin cells to grow, which makes this a great product for scarred or damaged skin.

Mango Shea: powerful moisturizing that soothes dry skin. Mango butter is very allergy-friendly and is perfect for sensitive skin. Deeply moisturizing, this butter is perfect for even the driest patches of skin. The natural coconut scent from organic coconut oil (which is only found in our mango butters!) comes through lightly!

Mango Shea Peppermint: intense moisturizing with a crisp, minty scent. You’ll enjoy all the same benefits as the Mango Shea Body Butter, but you’ll also get the uplifting fragrance that the peppermint essential oil provides.

Morning Mix: luxurious texture with a fun peppermint and grapefruit scent. Just like the CocoShea butter, this rich formula is great for improving dry, damaged skin. You can also smell a little bit of the chocolate notes from the cocoa butter!

Sweet Cherry: light moisturizing with a sweet cherry scent. Another vegan butter, this formula is light and airy, just like the new Lavender Body Butter.

Our butters are hard and will warm up when scooped out of the jar by hand. Some commercial body butters are creamy, but ours are hard because they contain no water or preservatives! Butter season ends in March, so there’s plenty of time to try all the scents!

We’ll be back to talk about some of other new products next week! Happy release day!

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