HD Soap | May New Releases

Spring has arrived! We have been loving all the fun spring and summer products we released in April. (If you missed them, you will definitely want to hop online and check all of them out!) We are so excited about these new May releases, so let’s get to it!

One of our limited edition soaps for this month is the Chamomile Square Bar. This gentle soap combines chamomile essential oil with calendula petals in our goat’s milk soap base. The resulting soap moisturizes lightly and revitalizes the appearance of skin with a gentle, soothing scent. This soap can help neutralize the sting from an early summer sunburn, which makes it a valuable soap to keep handy. Customers love this soap, so you may want to purchase a few extra to keep on hand all year round! 

A classic returns! Our From Scratch Beer Soap is always a customer favorite, and we are very excited to bring it back for a short time. You’ll appreciate the bubbly lather you get from this coconut oil and olive oil-based soap, which is enhanced by a healthy dose of wheat beer and sandalwood powder. The wheat germ in beer helps your skin glow, and we love the earthy, natural smell that this soap offers. 

Next up for our May releases is another important summer soap: our new and improved From Scratch Jewelweed Soap! This formula includes coconut oil and olive oil for our moisturizing, bubbly lather, with jewelweed and jewelweed tincture to help soothe severely irritated skin (hello, poison ivy season!). 

How often do you remember to apply sunscreen to your lips? It is so easy to forget! We decided it was time to create a Sunscreen Lip Balm using our beloved unscented sunscreen formula. Apply the lip balm until you can see a thin film of zinc oxide, and the balm will provide you with approximately 20-30 SPF protection. This is another product you will definitely want to keep close by all summer long! (NOTE: We try very hard to create accurate labels for all of our products, but sometimes mistakes happen. Our brand new Sunscreen Lip Balm does NOT contain lavender essential oil, even though the label might state that it does. The correct ingredient list is coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, and zinc oxide.)

We have one last new product for May, and it is a fun one! We offer a few different HD Soap products for hair, and we are excited to add another to the lineup: say hello to our Texturizing Salt Spray! This styling spray will help build volume and create a wavy texture in your tresses. The spray also contains argan oil, which we all love for nurturing our locks. Spray a liberal amount in wet or damp hair; you can use a blow dryer with a diffuser to create a tousled texture, or let your hair air dry to make beachy waves. (You may notice that our Texturizing Salt Spray has a super fun scent; this is the same guava mint mojito fragrance as our Hodge Podge soap!)

That’s it for May! Tag us on social media with #HDSoap as you enjoy your new products — we love to see everyone’s HD Soap skincare routines!