New Year, New Releases!

Happy release day! We are so excited about the new products we’re going to share with you…but did you know that members of the VIP Soap Club already received some of these new products last week at a big discount?! We have a lot of exciting soaps planned for this year, and we kicked off 2019 with a HUGE VIP! Normally VIP members get around $21 worth of product in your monthly subscription to the VIP Soap Club — but in January they received $25 worth of new products! If you’ve been on the fence about joining the VIP Soap Club, we’re running a promotion right now. If you pay for a 4 month VIP membership with shipping, you’ll receive one month of shipping costs FOR FREE! For more information about joining the club, click here!

First up is our classic HONEY KIWIGRANATE SQUARE BAR; it is back for January, and now is the time to stock up. You will love the benefits of the honey, pomegranate, and kiwi in this bar, like the way it rejuvenates and tones your skin. These amazing ingredients will help your skin look and feel younger! Every year we make more Honey Kiwigranate Square Bars than the year before, and every year they fly off the shelves. If you feel like this soap helps keep your skin glowing, be sure to buy plenty to get you through the year!



Helping your skin feel younger and more radiant is the goal of our next two products as well. Have you heard of calendula before? Calendula is a flower that belongs to the marigold family. Its beautiful yellow petals are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, and in skincare that means helping restore dull skin to its youthful glow! At HD Soap, we take dried calendula petals and infuse them in olive oil for a very long time. We strain out the petals, and this calendula-infused olive oil then gets combined with beeswax and turned into our CALENDULA BALM STICK! Properly hydrated skin is the key to looking younger, and we already love olive oil in our skincare routines. Adding the wonderful properties of calendula was a natural fit! Our balm sticks are a convenient way to apply this “liquid gold” to anywhere your skin needs a boost, and the consultants who tested this amazing salve loved the way it made their skin look and feel.


But what about the calendula petals we used in the oil infusion? You know we don’t waste anything at HD Soap! Those powerful petals make our FROM SCRATCH CALENDULA SOAP extra powerful (and look so beautiful too)! This bar of soap helps your skin stay moisturized and glowing. Made with coconut oil and olive oil, the Calendula Soap hydrates as it cleanses. You will enjoy some light exfoliation with the calendula petals, and you will also appreciate the soap’s clean, light scent. The process of infusing olive oil with the petals takes time and patience, which is why both the balm stick and the soap are limited releases. You might see them again in the future, but stocking up on extras is definitely recommended.

It’s time for another batch of our beautiful SMELLY SALTS! These brightly colored epsom salts come in seven different delicious fragrances. Enjoy our brightly colored epsom salts in the following flavors: Banket, Lemon Pound Cake, Mango Sorbet, Maple Pecan Pie, Marshmallow, Pistachio Cake, and Strawberry Cheesecake. You can enjoy this “Dessert Buffet” without consuming a single calorie…how about that for a New Year’s resolution?!

Check out Ruby’s Review of the new flavors and colors below! 

You know that we wouldn’t forget about Valentine’s Day! We created a new soap to help create a cozy mood for the season: the VANILLA & TOBACCO SQUARE BAR! This soap is perfectly cozy for Valentine’s Day! This soothing goat’s milk soap is scented with a unisex fragrance that reminds us of currants, vanilla, and a touch of cherry pipe tobacco.


The COZY CANDLE back for another Valentine’s season! Made for HD Soap by Kalamazoo Candle Company, this warm, fragrant candle reminds us of coffee, caramel, and vanilla. Cozy Candle will be available for a limited time, so don’t miss out!

There are a few more Valentine’s favorites we brought back for a limited time: the SWEET CHERRY & VANILLA BATH BOMB, the SWEET CHERRY SUGAR SCRUB, and our 2-ounce SWEET CHERRY LOTION and VANILLA LOTION! You don’t need to use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to pamper yourself, but maybe this products will give you and extra reason to get cozy!

We are very excited to see what this new year holds for us, and we’re also very enthusiastic about all the fun new products we have planned. Tag us on social media with #HDSoap or #HDSoapVIPClub as you enjoy your new products — we love to see everyone’s HD Soap skincare routines!

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