Relaxing in a Chaotic World

Stress is a major issue that seems to be getting worse and worse in our culture. We live in a fast-paced country with more activities, more work, and more bills than ever before. How can we combat this issue and find peace and calm in the midst of this chaos?

Clutter and excess can actually cause stress that you don’t even realize is affecting you. (Maybe Marie Kondo was onto something!) Take five minutes to speed clean, put away clothes, wipe down counters, pick up the living room, etc. If you have more time, focus on organizing, cleaning, sorting, and donating anything you haven’t used recently. Less is more!

There are certain foods that can actually help your body relax – mangoes are one of them! Honey, dark chocolate, and green tea are also great at helping to bring calm. Peppermint is great as well; even chewing gum can be effective.

Practice Internal Relaxation
Many people pray or meditate to help them calm down. Take a quick nap if you can, or at least lay your head on a pillow for just a minute and close your eyes. Breathe deeply and slowly – this intentional breathing can slow your heart rate and lower blood pressure. Even just counting backwards can help. Taking a few minutes to daydream can be a great way to relax.

Relax Your Body
Your body carries a lot of tension! Get a massage if you can, even if you have to give yourself one. Rub your arms, shoulders, hands, feet, etc. Try using a tennis or golf ball for extra pressure on some of those tense spots. You can also relax your body by splashing yourself with cool water. The simple act of brushing your hair can even be calming!

Change Your View
Are you stuck in the office at work feeling stressed? Get up from your desk and go outside if you can. Are you surrounded by people? Get away somewhere where you can be alone for a few minutes. Look up from what you are doing and stare out the window. One of my favorite things is simply finding a way to get myself into the sun or near a body of water. 

Everyone knows that exercise helps relieve stress. Even if you exercised in the morning, there are great ways to help you relax and find some calm throughout the day. Go for a quick walk, run in place, do a little simple yoga, or maybe just stretching can help.

Do Something Creative
Do you like to write? Get a journal. Do you like to draw? Doodle or paint. Is music your thing? Dance, play an instrument, or simply crank up your favorite tunes. Color. Sew. Do a puzzle. Knit. There are so many ways to be creative, and creativity helps fight stress!

Sniff Something
At HD Soap, this is an important one! Two of the best stress-reducing scents are coffee and citrus. Put on a Mocha Mask, grab our Coffee Scrub, or apply our Sweet Citrus Essential Oil Roller. Find some fresh flowers. Go outside after it has rained. Walk into a bakery. Inhale some freshly washed laundry. What are your favorite smells? When you are stressed, try to smell those scents!

Be Social
We tend to “go inward” when we are stressed, but making connections with others can help! Call a friend. Make plans with a coworker. Plan a vacation or getaway. Find a puppy or other pet for some cuddly love. Find ways to laugh and have fun with others.

Use HD Soap
Okay, so we might be joking a little bit, but we DO offer many products that can help you battle stress! Our exclusive essential oil blends – Sweet Citrus, Balance, Morning Mix, and Clear Your Mind – all assist with improving your mood. And don’t forget our lavender products! There really are so many great options to help you find your calm, whether soaking in the bath to moisturizing your skin and so much more!

What are your favorite ways to relax?

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