New Releases: February 2018

This month is all about soap! It’s not too often that we have an entire VIP totally dedicated to soap, but these bars were all so amazing that we had to share them all at once. We also want to get these out and into the world because we know they will make excellent Easter basket gifts! I know, I know; you are probably thinking, “EASTER in February?!” But with our birthday month coming in March (we are turning five!), Easter sneaks up on us and we wanted to make sure you had these in your hands as options for fun gifts.So let’s chat SOAP! Our first bar is a HD Soap regular. Our CHOCOLATE MILK SQUARE BAR is back once again! People love this bar because it is made with our famous goat’s milk base. Since it is made with only goat’s milk base and cocoa powder, the bar offers fine exfoliation; plus, it’s gluten-free! This soap smells like a real chocolate bar, so be sure to remind your littles that while this is MADE with chocolate, it is not going to TASTE like chocolate. This limited edition bar will only be around for about a month and then it will go into the HD Soap vault until 2019. So if you would like some chocolate soap to sit next to your chocolate bunny in an Easter basket, place your order on release day!

Next we have our BIRTHDAY CAKE BAR! Our birthday is coming up in March, and we LOVE cake! You may notice that the confetti in the clear soap looks a little familiar. The soap confetti is made from small pieces of our Unicorn Bar, creating the cutest, best-smelling bar of Birthday Cake soap ever. The scent of this bar is a simple, sweet vanilla and, just like our Chocolate Milk square bar, smells as good as the real deal.

How about that SUPERHERO BAR?!! Do you have a little superhero in your life who would LOVE this bar? We love the bright primary colors in our new layered specialty bar. Our Superhero soap has an exciting superpower blackberry scent. The Superhero bar may not help you to fly across oceans, jump over tall buildings, or lift heavy objects, but it will make bathtime SUPER fun.

Lastly, there is no better month than one filled with soap to introduce our second official HD Soap accessory: a WOOD SOAP DISH! Made of 100% solid pine, this soap dish is an excellent way to “dry” out your bar soap. (Keeping your soap dry in between uses is a great way to extend the lifespan of your bars.) And how cool is it that this soap dish is made in the USA?! It really is a perfect match for all your HD Soap bars.

Don’t forget that next month is March Madness! Get in touch with your consultant today to book your party, as the host rewards are DOUBLED! Can’t wait until March?? We don’t blame you (February has some seriously great host extras!). Contact your consultant today and start earning HD Cash and other fun products!

One more thing: have you seen our new catalog?! These beauties will be arriving very soon, but you can check them out right here! (The catalog shows a few products that will be releasing in March…can you spot them?!)

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