New Releases: March 2018

Happy March everyone! We always get pretty excited for March around here (and not just because we’re ready for spring to arrive!). We are celebrating our FIFTH year of being in business this March, and that means that YOU get to join in on the party! For March only, all of our HD Soap party hosts receive DOUBLE the cash rewards!! If your HD Soap wish list is bigger than your budget, now is definitely the time to start earning rewards. Contact if you need help getting in touch with a consultant to schedule a party for March!

The VIP for March is a fun one, so let’s jump right in! You may remember that we released our Whipped Sugar Scrub last year in Sweet Citrus. This is a light soap base that we whip with essential oils and sugar, creating an exceptional cleanser that offers gentle exfoliation and a deep clean. We love this product so much that we decided to release it in a variety of scents! You are receiving a full size WHIPPED SUGAR SCRUB, which we will release this month in Balance, Clear Your Mind, Lavender, Morning Mix, Peppermint, and Original (which is unscented!). We love our HD Soap essential oil exclusive blends, and we are so happy to offer them in a new, complete product line!

Next up is a big favorite: say hello to the HONEY GOATMEAL SPLIT SQUARE BAR! This was HD Soap’s first layered soap, and we love getting to bring it back every year. We take a honey glycerin soap and add a thick layer of our goat’s milk soap that is enriched with ground oatmeal. Anyone dealing with dry, itchy skin is going to love this bar! The oatmeal is very soothing for dry skin, and the honey glycerin soap is a gentle cleanser. Your skin will feel moisturized and lightly exfoliated, which is a good combination! You’ll definitely want to stock up on extra bars of this limited edition release, because when it’s gone, it’s gone!Our last item of the month is a brand new kind of square bar! Say hello to our COCONUT MILK SQUARE BARS in the brand new scents FRESH and CRISP! These soaps are enhanced with new fragrance oil blends that we hope will appeal to both men and women. At our consultant meeting back in September, we asked our consultants to help us formulate a new fragrance blend that we could market more easily to our male customers. There were a lot of great submissions, and we narrowed it down to two. We couldn’t decide which of these scents were our favorite, so we decided to release both! Fresh is a sweet and spicy blend that’s a combines a little balsam pine with lighter notes like vanilla. Crisp is herbaceous and woodsy, blending fresh rainwater with hints of sandalwood and cedarwood. Fresh and Crisp are made with our new coconut milk soap base, which we are very excited to add to the regular square bar rotation. Coconut milk works great in soap because it is highly moisturizing; it cleans the skin without stripping it of its natural oils. This soap nourishes while gently cleaning, and we have been loving these bars as facial soap and as an all-around bar. Stock up on your favorite scent!
One last thing! Remember how we said we were excited for spring to arrive? We meant that in more ways than one! On release day you will be able to purchase the HD Soap SPRING CANDLE! Spring is a fresh mix of melon, citrus, and cucumber. It’s a refreshing combination of scents that will have you thinking Spring no matter what the weather is like outside!

We will be celebrating our birthday all month long, so keep checking our Facebook page for lots of fun giveaways! Thanks for supporting us as we enter our sixth year of doing business! We couldn’t do it without you!

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