New Releases for May: The Summer Prep Pack

After a long winter in Michigan, it’s finally starting to feel like summer! (Sorry, spring.) This month’s releases are going to help you prep for summer in all sorts of fun ways. Let’s jump in!

Our limited edition soap for this month is the Chamomile Square Bar. This gentle soap combines chamomile essential oil with calendula petals in our goat’s milk soap base. The resulting soap moisturizes lightly and revitalizes the appearance of skin with a gentle, soothing scent. This soap can help neutralize the sting from an early summer sunburn, which makes it a valuable soap to keep handy. Our customers love this soap, so you may want to purchase a few extra to keep on hand all year round!

Next up is another important summer soap: our new and improved From Scratch Jewelweed Soap! We’ve tweaked our formula to include coconut oil, and that means you’ll get nice lather when you use this bar. The soap utilizes both jewelweed and jewelweed tincture to help soothe severely irritated skin (hello, poison ivy season!). This bar will help you cope with the itchies when they come around!

The next items for May complete our new Exclusive Blends From Scratch Soap collection with the scents Clear Your Mind, Balance, and Morning Mix! Last month we released the first of our Exclusive Blends From Scratch Soap with Sweet Citrus, and this month the rest of our blends became soap! These bars take olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter to build a rich, moisturizing bar. These Exclusive Blends Soaps are going to be sticking around, so you will certainly have time to try all four!

You might have noticed that we recently discontinued our Pumice Foot Scrub, but your piggies have nothing to fear: say hello to our brand new Whipped Pumice Scrub! This amazing product is made with ground pumice and a blend of peppermint, tea tree, and rosemary essential oils whipped up in a foaming soap base. Our Whipped Pumice Scrub is perfect at exfoliating your feet for sandal season!

Lastly, your lips are going to be primed for summer with our brand new Pineapple Colada Lip Balm! Made with olive oil and beeswax, this tasty balm will help keep your lips moisturized with the delicious flavors of juicy pineapple and fresh coconut milk. We plan to keep this around for a long time, but it never hurts to stock up.

That’s all for this month! I’m confident you will be nearly ready for summer with these products; check in with us on Facebook or Instagram to let us know which is your favorite!


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