New Releases for June: Taste of Summer

Can you believe that it’s already June?! Summer is bringing a lot of amazing new products your way, so let’s jump in!

This June is a special one for us at HD Soap because it means that we’ve been partnered with Kalamazoo Candle Company for an entire year! We are so happy that our customers have fallen in love with these candles, and we love collaborating with another creative small business to bring you such an amazing product. To celebrate this partnership, we are releasing our Sparkling Sangria Candle! This candle smells like a lush blend of jasmine, berries, peaches, and citrus mixed with a juicy punch! (You may want to make your own batch of sangria to share with friends while you burn this amazing candle…we’ve included a recipe below!)

Our special soap for June is the Cool Cucumber Square Bar! This classic bar is a combination of our olive oil glycerin soap with fresh cucumber and soothing aloe. If you get a little too much sun this summer, grab your Cool Cucumber bar for gentle cleaning that will help your skin feel refreshed. This is our limited edition soap for the month, so be sure to buy enough to get you through the summer!

The first new soap for June is a Coconut Square Bar! Made with our coconut milk soap base and scented with coconut fragrance oil, this little bar will have you smelling like summer in no time. (If you’ve been a fan of our Coconut Bath Bombs, this soap will smell very familiar to you!) Your skin will love how hydrating this rich soap is, and we think the gentle coconut scent is a great scent to kick off summer.

To round out our current coconut obsession, we are releasing a Body Splash for June as well! We’ve added some of our favorite fragrances to a light base that allows the scent to linger after a nice, gentle mist. We will be selling our brand new body splash in five scents: Bamboo, Blooms, Coconut, Fresh, and White Tea & Bergamot! Summer is the perfect time to play around with fun, light fragrances, and we think you’re really going to love these.

Our next new product for June is very exciting: say hello to our Bergamot Bar! This From Scratch Soap is made with mild kaolin clay, which creates its beautiful rosy pink color. The clay gently draws out impurities, leaving behind skin that is lightly exfoliated and super clean. This soap gets its creamy lather from a combination of shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil, all of which work together to keep your skin from feeling dry. We’ve added bergamot essential oil to the soap for a hint of light, citrus freshness. The Bergamot Bar was a huge favorite among our panel of testers, and we hope you like it as much as they do!

Last up for this month is our Citrus Dry Mask! Made from only dry coconut milk, ground orange peel, and ground lemon peel, this mask is vegan AND gluten-free! To use, take two tablespoons of dry mask and add a few drops of water or honey until you reach the desired consistency, spread the mixture on your face, and let it set for 10-20 minutes. (Remember, this mask has no oatmeal to absorb extra water, so you will want to add your liquids very sparingly!) Rinse and follow up with your favorite moisturizer! We think you’re really going to like the citrus scent, not to mention how clean and smooth this mask leaves your skin.

That’s all from us at HD Soap this month! Stop by on Facebook and Instagram to let us know which products are your favorites!

Christine’s Sparkling Sangria
– 1 bottle dry white wine (Pinot Grigio, dry Riesling) 
– 1 can of 7-UP
– 1 cup of Triple Sec
– Your favorite fruits (citrus slices, cherries, peaches, pears, berries) 

Mix all ingredients together. Pour over ice and serve!

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