Surprise! New releases for Memorial Day!

If you have been a customer for a while now, you may have already anticipated the release of our Pineapple Colada Bath Bomb, however keep reading because we have a HUGE surprise for you!

Our Pineapple Colada Bath Bomb is a summer favorite that is only available from Memorial Day through Labor Day. It is aromatic and effervescent, and it will leave your skin feeling luxurious and moisturized. If you have never seen one of our bath bombs, you may be shocked at how large they are! Some of our customers have even boasted about getting three or four uses out of each $6 bath bomb!

Are you ready for the BIG surprise?! Our bomb is not the only item releasing today!


Due to a stocking issue with our lotion base, we have not been able to offer our beloved liquid lotion. However, we were able to snag a limited stock of the base lotion, and HD Soap’s Lotion Tubes are NOW AVAILABLE on our website!

You will love our smooth and silky lotion if you haven’t tried it already. It has light, velvety coverage that is highly moisturizing without feeling heavy. Each lotion is blended with the highest quality oils and is enriched with aloe for extra moisture!

Choose from Original, Lavender, Coconut, and Sweet Citrus. Grab your favorite scent for just $7 each. Hurry before they sell out!

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