Don’t forget Dad! Order your Father’s Day gifts SOON!

Who better to ask what HD Soap products would make good Father’s Day gifts than a father, right?! Matt Tucker is one of our many faithful male customers. He is married to Mindy, who has been a consultant with us for two years.

We asked Matt what his favorite products were and why, and these were his responses:

I like the BEARD BALM because it smells good, makes my hair feel soft, and works great as a daily moisturizer. I have a full-bearded buddy who can’t be without the beard balm. He tried some store stuff and didn’t like it. He said HD’s is lighter, makes his beard fluffy and soft, and helps it grow thicker. The other stuff was heavy and thick and didn’t feel good at all.

The VANILLA & TOBACCO SHAVING SOAPand regular SHAVING SOAPare great for getting a close shave, while being able to see where you are shaving (if you have detailed lines), and they keep razor burn and bumps away. Regular Shaving Soap is great for hunters because it has no smell (or a slight natural smell).

and FRESH SQUARE BARSOAP are all great for head-to-toe use in the shower, smells manly, and they leave you feeling great.

BUG SPRAY works tons better than OFF and doesn’t have that nasty scent that gets in your mouth and you can’t get it out.

Natural DEODORANT: Cypress and Balance are my favorites, and they work just as well as a store deodorant, but don’t have aluminum and other chemicals that prohibit your pits from breathing, which causes excessive sweating and smells.

FRESH BODY SPLASH gives you a good pick-me-up and smells similar to Axe but without chemicals or air pollutants; and it isn’t greasy like Axe can be.

LIPPYS! Great tastes and are so much better than smearing petroleum all over your face. Who would want to kiss that?! Seriously, I see guys at work using Chapsticks and I give them a lippy. Chapstick grosses me out.

So there you go! Matt’s favorite products could be a huge hit for the men in YOUR life, too. Make sure you order this week if you want to have your items in time for Father’s Day on June 16.

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