The Future of HD Soap, Part Two: Where Am I Going?

Welcome to part two of Christine’s four-part essay about what’s been going on behind the scenes at HD Soap! (If you missed part one, you can check it out on the blog.)

God speaks to me regularly. I hear Him often, but with this prayer, I heard nothing about closing, and more and more reasons to be open for business next year. Classes were being scheduled. Fundraisers were being requested. Events were being planned for 2024. Private label orders are regularly being ordered. It was becoming clear at this point that HD Soap still had things to do, products to make, and people to bless.

But I was still stuck on one thing.

Ask, seek, knock. “Hello God! It’s me, Christine. What’s the direction? Where am I going? Where are we going to go to do this? My current space is not going to be an option. The overhead to be here is just not worth it anymore. I can’t do the forklifts and semis one day longer. Moving is the last area where I can reduce costs and chaos.”

October was the month I fasted for a breakthrough with Hilltop and some other things happening in my life. Prayer and fasting have always brought me closer to the Lord. It was an amazing month of intimacy with the Lord, and it led into a beautiful holiday season at both of my places of work.

November and December were so good to us! Our local customers remembered to shop with us. We had so many of our Tanger customers make the trip to see us in Dorr for stocking stuffers. It was so nice to see them all, and yet it was bittersweet as the possibility of closing was coming closer and closer.

Waiting on the Lord was getting increasingly difficult. Where was I supposed to put HD? We looked at moving it home. After a few weeks of research and possible planning, I remembered how terrible it was to make soap in your home at this large of a scale. It was clear that bringing HD back home was not going to work.

I began to look for retail spaces or other locations to put HD but was not successful. Either the costs were too high or the locations were not good. I was completely discouraged. I started to look at Indeed regularly. “Lord, are you asking me to get a completely new job? Why can’t I find a place for Hilltop?”

My prayers changed slightly at this time. “Lord, if HD closes, I’m going to need a new job. I can’t just do my part-time prayer job only. Lord, reveal a space for me or a new job for me. I will be obedient to either. If a great new job is the direction, I will close Hilltop and praise you for a great ten years. If we can find a space, Lord, reveal where that is. Make it make sense Lord. Open the door. Where is there a ‘yes’?”

Stay tuned for part three on Thursday!

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