We’ve Got A Balm For That

There are so many ways to use our Balms, but today we are going to highlight ten common uses!

1. Makeup
Use a thin layer of your favorite Balm just before you put on foundation, blush, or eye shadow. Our balms act as a makeup primer. And, you can even use our olive oil-based balms (Orange & Olive Oil is a favorite!) to take OFF your makeup – even waterproof mascara! Simply rub a small amount gently into your eye lashes for several seconds and then use a warm washcloth or cotton pad to wipe away.

2. Diaper Rashes
If it is a yeast infection, use Olive Oil Balm (or Stick) or our Calendula Balm Stick. If it is not a yeast infection, use the Coconut Balm (or Stick). Our balms create a protective barrier and help soothe irritated skin.

NOTE: If your child has a rash for longer than seven days, contact your pediatrician.

3. Bug Bites/Poison Ivy
Our Jewelweed Balm (or Stick) is excellent for any type of itchy skin, but especially for soothing poison ivy! Read more about this amazing plant here. Find relief as well as quicker skin repair with this amazing balm.

4. Leather and Wood Conditioner
There are mixed reviews on whether or not you should use olive oil to condition leather, but our Coconut Balm is excellent! Use a clean, dry cloth with a little Coconut Balm and rub in a circular motion into the leather. Let it sit and soak in for about ten minutes, and then buff out the excess oil with a clean cloth. 

The same method can be used on wood! Using our Olive Oil Balm or our Coconut Balm on your wood nourishes it and brings out its natural shine. Again, rub in a circular motion and let sit for five to ten minutes and then wipe away the excess. Repeat if the wood is very dry. Both types of oils also act as a thin varnish and can help protect your wood from small scratches and dents.

5. Face Moisturizer
Our most popular face moisturizers are our Olive Oil Balms, but any of our balms are excellent! Some of the favorites are our Orange & Olive Oil Balm (or in a convenient Stick!) or for drier skin, try our Lanolin or our Lanolin & Lavender. A little bit goes a very long way!

6. Body Lotion
Any of our balms (or Balm Sticks!) are great for full-body moisture. Grab your favorite and use it from head to toe! For dry or chapped skin, use Beard Balm, Lanolin, or Lanolin & Lavender. For a lighter balm, try Olive Oil or Orange & Olive Oil. For itchy, dry skin, try our Jewelweed. We have several great options from which you can choose!

7. Lip Balm
If you are out of our Lip Balm, grab your favorite tin; even better, apply our Balm Sticks just like our lip balms! Your lips will look healthy, soft, and smooth!

8. Salve
Our balms make great first aid creams! Coconut oil helps to keep wounds clean, and several of our balms with essential oils (like peppermint and lavender) can naturally help to keep skin clean and protected. For even more benefits, try our THC-free CBD Balm!

9. Animal Feet Pads
Heat, cold, or walking on rough surfaces are some of the ways your cat’s or dog’s paws can get rough, dry, or cracked. But many essential oils are not safe for pets! Stick with our Coconut Balm (or Stick) or our Lanolin Balm. This will be great for conditioning and protecting their precious paws.

10. Beard and Hair
This may seem obvious, but our Beard Balm (also available in a Stick) is great for helping soften and smooth coarse facial hair. It also helps with any rash-y or flaky skin underneath the beard. It also can be used on regular hair, especially if it is also coarse and/or extremely dry. Use our Beard Balm by rubbing into your hands and then applying to your hair or beard starting at the ends.

BONUS: For guys without beards, use our Beard Balm as an aftershave! 

These are just a few of our favorite uses for our balms! We would love to hear how you use your balm!

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