Guest Post: Why I Sell HD Soap

Today we’d like to introduce you to another amazing member of the HD Soap team, Julie Metzler! Learn more about what prompted her HD Soap journey!

I began my HD journey last August. I started using the products when a friend introduced me to the soap, and I fell in love! Slowly I started using other products and quickly noticed the quality of everything was spot on. After a few months I decided to become a consultant, and I’m so glad I did. I love being able to share these amazing products with everyone. 

The reason I started using these products is probably unconventional compared to what most people might say. My husband and I are about to start our IVF journey, so we’ve been trying to cut out every “fake” product I can. Not only am I getting healthy for my journey, but I’m also able to make a couple extra dollars because the procedure is very expensive. 

As silly as it sounds, my favorite product is the Loofa. I love being able to mix and match the soaps I use! (Another bonus to the loofa: it saves so much soap!)

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