Spotlight: Beard Balm

While our Beard Balm is helpful for men and facial hair grooming, it is also great for hydrating dry winter skin (think hands, elbows, knees, and more!).

This balm is packed with amazing ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, almond oil, beeswax, jojoba oil, and essential oils (cypress, rosewood, lime). It is similar to a pomade for the hair, and so you can use it to soften, smooth, and style hair, especially if it is coarse or bristly.

Our spotlight blogs at the links above explain how incredible those ingredients are for both hair and skin, but we need to detail the other powerful ingredients in the Beard Balm.

Almond oil softens, strengthens, and repairs hair; it can even be used on a dry or flaky scalp. It has natural antioxidants and is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. It may even help control excess oil, which is good news for breakout-prone skin, and some have even found it helped reduce the appearance of stretch marks. This is a great oil for dry skin.

This balm also contains beeswax, which softens and nourishes hair as it moisturizes. It is frequently used to help tame hair that is difficult to manage. Beeswax also helps relieve dry or itchy skin, even on the scalp. It naturally protects the skin and not only hydrates but locks moisture into the skin.

The essential oils in this balm work well together to bring benefits to both skin and hair. Cypress has astringent properties, promotes healthy skin and hair, and is even known to help bring a sense of calm and balance. Rosewood has properties known to fight bacteria, which means it is helpful for keeping pores clean so that you can battle breakouts. Lime essential oil is known to enhance mood while purifying and detoxing the skin and can even be used as an astringent toner. Some have even found relief from headaches with lime essential oil.

This balm is available in our two-ounce tin or our eight-ounce tin (large enough for “man hands”!). With so many ingredients packed into each tin, we are sure that you will enjoy using the beard balm on more than just facial hair:

  • Rub into your hands for extra moisture on dry or cracked skin
  • Use as an aftershave to help soothe razor burn
  • Massage into rough, bumpy, or scaly skin underneath the beard
  • Enjoy the earthy, soft, masculine scent with no nasty chemicals
  • Soften and strengthen the ends of your hair
  • Rub into itchy arms or legs
  • Use as a conditioning treatment for your scalp

How do you like to use our Beard Balm?

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