Spotlight: Jewelweed

Jewelweed is a plant known to help relieve itching related to poison ivy – but did you know that many times it grows NEXT to poison ivy?! 

This is because jewelweed and poison ivy grow in the same environments; that is, semi-shady, moist areas. You will commonly find this plant in ditches, forest edges, and near marshes and bogs across most of North America. It has beautiful orange flowers, oval-shaped leaves, and grows two to five feet in height.

This amazing plant medicinally originated in North America with Native Americans. This long history began when they discovered the sap in the stems and leaves seemed to relieve both pain and itching from many skin issues, sores, and irritations. They would apply jewelweed to hives, poison ivy, stinging nettle, insect bites, and more. Some have even found that it may help protect you from getting poison ivy in the first place!

In Chinese herbal medicine, this plant is commonly used for pain and swelling. It is used to encourage blood flow during menstruation, to help with bruising or swelling, for joint pain, to help with post-childbirth pain, and in some Asian countries it is used as an anecdote for fish poisoning.

We also love the jewelweed plant at HD Soap, and we even gather our own fresh jewelweed each year to dry and crush into our Jewelweed From Scratch Soap. This is a great soap to use if you think you have been around poison ivy or will be around poison ivy. It also may help if you have itchy skin or rashes, and several of our consultants have actually enjoyed using this soap as their shampoo and conditioner!

We also have Jewelweed Balm which may be helpful to apply on itchy or irritated skin, or even if you have pain or swelling. This balm contains jewelweed tincture, in addition to the power of coconut oil and beeswax. Beeswax also helps relieve dry or itchy skin. It naturally protects the skin, which is great news for sores or irritations.

If you end up outside and think you touched poison ivy, look around you and if you see jewelweed! Grab the stem and leaves and crush them in your hands. Rub the sticky sap on the affected area until you can get home. Then grab some of your HD products with jewelweed, and hopefully we can help you find relief!

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