The Future of HD Soap, Part Four: This Is It

Welcome to the final installment of Christine’s four-part essay about what’s been going on behind the scenes at HD Soap! (If you missed part onepart two, or part three, they’re on the blog!)

On Thursday, January 4, we started back at work for the year. I had just read the story in Genesis about Abraham and Isaac that morning. God asked Abraham to take Isaac up the mountain and give him as a sacrifice. This story always blows my mind. Abraham’s faith is unbelievable. He is ready to give Isaac to God, and then a ram appears and they swap spots, the ram for Isaac.

Kristen and I started working that morning with a Bible study, and when we were done, I raised up my hands in exasperation and asked God, “When is my sheep going to come, Lord? I do not understand this process; I have completely given it to you! But I need my ram, or I need the strength to tell everyone tomorrow we are closing.” I remember resting my forehead on the table and pausing.

And then my text message beeped with the potential landlord information I had requested from my friend. I prayed, paused, called the guy and left a message, then a customer walked in. I missed his call back; unfortunately that space was rented already, but would I be interested in a different space? Could I call him back?

I was very skeptical about it, but I called him back. In the very first sentence, he says the other space is 4000 square feet. Immediately, I was like “Ooooh, sorry bro, but I’m looking to downsize and reduce costs. This is not going to work at all; I have a threshold I will not go over. This is not going to work, but thank you for the opportunity.” And I’m done with the thought, but he is not. He keeps talking about the space and encourages me to still give it a chance.

We proceed to talk about the possibility of HD moving there; I am very leery but also very curious when he mentions there are THREE kitchens. What could it hurt to just check it out? At first, it was really hard to visualize, and it did take a few laps around the place, but eventually, I began to see a vision of what the future would be. The rest of the process flew. When God opened a door and answered a prayer, things moved quickly, and I just kept walking through each one.

Within a few hours, I took Dan through it, and it was an instant, “YES. THIS IS IT! How long did you pray for this? It’s perfect. Email the guy and have this be the next move.” So I did. Doors that had been “no” for so long were beginning to open into “yeses.”

God provided more than I could ever imagine, Ephesians 3:20 style, all within the budget I had made and prayed over the summer before. God was not remaining silent to add confusion or chaos to my life. He was silent because He was busy at work preparing the way. I can recognize that now. Although walking through it was very stressful and emotional, it was also so good. Looking back on this past year, it was a time of intense prayer and fasting. Waiting on Him, for His answers. Waiting for Him was obedience.

This space is extremely unique, and I’m excited for everyone to see it. We will be able to bring our classes back; we will have a great shopping space and a shipping space. We have rooms for Bible study, for photography and video. (Get ready for exciting kitchen videos!) Everything will be new and HD is going to have a great GLOW UP! I think this new space will allow us to be even more efficient. Every place the Lord brings us to has been this way, and I look forward to seeing how we can use this newest space for His glory!

Join us on the journey! I will be back to updating regularly on our socials as we move into 2024. While it was hard to get “pumped” to share in 2023, I have so much to share looking back and moving forward! God is good all the time.

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  1. I have loved this peek into your behind the scenes. What trust you have shown. What a great God we serve. You are a fantastic writer my friend, I’m excited to try my new products and to help support in any way I can!

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