Great Gifts For Dad

We are just two weeks away from Father’s Day, and HD Soap has so many great gifts for that special man in your life. We asked some of our consultants what their men love, and here are their recommendations!

Dawn’s husband loves our soaps and our Moisturizing Cream

TJ only uses HD products now! His favorites are our soap for his showers, Shaving SoapBeard BalmLip BalmBody Butter (available again in October!), and Hand Sanitizer.

Barb’s husband loves our soaps! His favorites are Activated CharcoalCharvocadoPumice, and always uses the Shaving Soap. Another of his favorite products is the Whipped Pumice Scrub.

Maybe your guy is like Kevin or Chip, who love soaking their feet. Pick out a Salt Scrub and a Balm you think he would enjoy.

Consider trying our Activated Charcoal Soap. Amy’s husband uses it to help get the smell of diesel off his hands.

Jami’s husband has a huge list of favorites! He uses Hair Serum on his beard, as well as our Beard Balm both on his beard and as an aftershave on his head (after he shaves with our Vanilla & Tobacco Shaving Soap). He also loves our Original or Balance Cream, and in the winter he uses the Orange & Olive Oil Balm – especially on his dry hands! His favorite soaps right now are AvocadoPumpkin Seed OilLlama, and Guava Mint. After working out he likes to use our Whipped Charcoal Sugar Scrub. He loves coffee anything in the kitchen to help with hands – our seasonal soap when it is available, and our Coffee Scrub. His favorite Lip Balms are our seasonal peppermint lippy and the Vanilla Coconut.

Don’t forget Matt’s favorite products from our post last year!

Stephen swears by the Whipped Pumice Scrub to clean his hands – tractor grease, paint, grime, dirt – nothing has been too difficult for pumice, and he says it works way better than “the orange stuff.” Just like many of the guys above, he also loves the Shaving Soap and uses the Beard Balm as aftershave, too. Our soaps and Loofa are a must-have for his showers, and he also uses our soap as his shampoo and conditioner. He also loves our Lotion Bars for his dry skin, but loves the convenience of the Balm Sticks for application.

Order today for your items to arrive in time for Father’s Day!

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